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Zoomer - 2008, 15.2 hand, Sorrel Draft Cross Gelding 

Zoomer is an amazing horse. He belongs to a friend and she has raised draft crosses for guest ranches, working ranches, family, trail, and big-time sport horses. In fact, she is the person who was part of 90% of the draft crosses listed on my website. They came from the same breeding program. Zoomer is a fantastic example of the quality and temperament of these horses. His dam was Clydesdale cross and sire was Quarter Horse. Even though I don’t own Zoomer, I love him and feel lucky to have gotten the opportunity to ride him and help him get to the next level in his training. Zoomer came to me with a solid background in general ranch work and extensive trails, as he was used for guiding for several seasons. He had NEVER even had an English saddle on his back when he came to me and within a few weeks, he was jumping solidly around a 2’6” – 2’9” course. Zoomer shows up every day for work and puts 110% effort into his job.


He is not the average earth-bound draft cross. He is light and responsive. He even as a lofty canter and a huge trot.  He is sensitive and only wants to please. The video shows Zoomer jumping around a stadium course as well as a tough cross country course in Eagle, Idaho.  Both times, he was ridden by an 11-year-old girl and NEVER had a stop or even a hard look at anything.  Zoomer will be a packer with a few more miles. Lately, I have been working more on getting him connected on the bit and solid transitions. I will post a video of his dressage/flatwork as soon as possible.  We are looking at a horse show July 27th, stay tuned for even more updates!

Sold to Washington to be an all-around mount for a young lady.

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