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Butterscotch - 2012, 15 hand, Red Dun Paint

Butterscotch came with Ivory, our new broodmare. Butterscotch is a young mare with a world of potential. She should

mature to about 15.1 hands and has beautiful conformation. She is not just pretty, it's her temperment that we love

most! She is so mellow and willing. Butterscoth is quiet, friendly and extremely respectful.  She has been ridden a few

times by the girls and is doing great. She will begin her formal training this fall. We are waiting to see how she turns out.  


Update August 2015: Spent 6 weeks in training on a small farm/ranch. Butterscotch is learning how to be an all around horse!  She pushes cows and lopes big circles.


Update October 2015: A talented teen girl at Gable Stables was looking for a school project. Butterscotch is her horse for the fall. Right now Butterscotch is being ridden 5-6 days per week and is learning everything from dragging cans and tarps, to reining maneuvers. She is proving herself to be a kids' horse for sure!


Update December 2015: Butterscotch has been my go to horse after being out of riding for 6 months and now returning after surgery. Butterscotch is a calm, quiet mare who likes the slower lifestyle. She goes my speed! Only offering her for sale because we need to thin the herd. If we sell a few, Butterscotch will be kept for our kids.


Update January 2016: The most unlikely horse to be our keeper for the kids, Butterscotch is everything we could have asked for and more. She is not for sale. She will be helping the little kids learn to ride. If they lose interst, we will put her back up for sale. Stayed tuned.

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