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2012 Red Dun Grade Paint Mare - Butterscotch is young mare with a world of potential. She should mature to about 15.1 hands and has beautiful conformation. She is not just pretty, it's her temperment that we love most! She is so mellow and willing. Butterscotch is quiet, friendly and extremely respectful.  This is our keeper for the family. She is everything we need in tiny package. This mare is a fun, all-around mount for western, English and trails! 


2016 Bay Tobiano Haflinger/Paint cross mare.  Bailey has completed her kindergarten training as a 2 year old and is spending the winter out with the yearlings. She will brought in for training in the spring of 2019. 

Update 2020: Bailey is growing into a super horse! Watch out for this one!

Not for sale at this time.


2017 Red Dun Roan Quarter Horse filly out of Cinnamon.  This little filly was a major surprise to us as we bought her dam for a riding/4-H horse. We didn't know Cinnamon was in foal until just 5 weeks before this filly came. She is a fun little girl for the kids and will likely be for sale if the perfect home comes along.  She is going to be a horse of many colors with her dun and roan genes!

Update: April 2020 Ginger is going well under saddle and doing amazing for my 8 year old's project. She is not for sale at this time.

Will be posting video and pictures as soon as the weather cooperates. Please check back. 

My war horse, Zee, gone but not forgotten.

Some of the foundation stock: Ernie (now retired), Sudden (sold) and Grey Grace (deceased).



2006, 15.2 hand grulla Fjord/APHA cross. Zee has always struck me as a horse of yin-yang characteristics - a sweet war horse, both massive and powerful while also kind and gentle. He's like riding a soft couch on top of an Abrams tank. Kids have used him at horse camp for vaulting, sometimes with two or even three riders, yet on the trail he's an all-business tank that goes anywhere with great strength and grace. With very little prep, he's also ready to go eventing at any time. Zee is a horse that's very easy to love, who has been an absolutely wonderful fit for my family. UPDATE: Zee was lost to colic November 26, 2012. I lost my dream horse but I will never forget him.


1999, 16.2 hand black and white draft-cross stallion. Ernie was imported from Canada, and has been used on a ranch for breeding. We have had the pleasure of owning and training many of his offspring, and he has numerous others competing in various disciplines. We are looking forward to the young ones coming up, and this next year's foal crop. Currently housed in Oregon so not open for breeding in Idaho. I will only have a few foals to come from this special old man. UPDATE: January 2016 - Ernie is retired. We will only get a limited number of foals from him.


2001 Black Shire Stallion - Registered with American Shire Horse Association. Sudden has an interesting story! He belonged to a friend of ours since he was a weanling. Our friend was extremely ill so we spent a lot of time with Sudden over the last year, caring for him and even bred one mare to him.


1998, 15 hand grulla Fjord/quarter horse broodmare. Gray Grace has been great stock, passing on her kind and gentle demeanor to her offspring, including ZabooMerilegsa, and Tuff. UPDATE: Grace Grace was sadly put down over the winter 2014.   

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