Digger 2010, 15.1+ hand, spotted draft-cross

Digger is a 2010, 15.1+ spotted draft-cross mare also sired by Ernie, and half-sister to Sadie. Digger is a calm and mellow horse, while also having a lot of personality and being a fantastic sport horse. She's friendly, easy to catch, enjoys doing things, and is absolutely solid on the trail.  Digger is short for Gotta Dig Her. From the first few days of this mare’s training, she was enjoyable and willing. Every time she would ‘wow’ us, we would say "Gotta dig her”, and so the name Digger just stuck. Like all of the young horses we select, we focused on variety and building a solid foundation. Digger is very capable on the trails, she’s not spooky, and leads or follows very nicely. I even ponied other horses off of her. Like many of Ernie’s offspring, Digger has a great future in eventing and dressage. She has three lovely gaits, moves off leg and aids easily, and is brave to new obstacles. Digger is that calm, quiet draft cross that we enjoy so much. She wouldn't get worried about much, was never hot, and never herd-bound bound, standing quietly at the trailer while also both loading and hauling perfectly. All of the general maintenance-hoof care, clipping, deworming, vaccinations, and bathing are a breeze for Digger. This is a non-complicated horse and was a joy to own.

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