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Cinnamon - 2013 Grade Quarter Horse Mare, 14.3 Hands, Dun 

Cinnamon is the sweetest mare in the world! She is a half sister to Butterscotch. When her breeder contacted me about selling Cinnamon, we jumped at the opportunity and brought her home in October 2016. She is settling into her training and will be a great starter/4H horse for the family. 

Update April 2017: After spending some time with a trainer to get Cinnamon ready for the spring shows and 4H, we discovered that she was just too round and at the end of April, she had a beautiful red dun, roan filly. The sire was a coming yearling , red roan who was running with the mares on the ranch where she was raised. We are happy the foal is healthy and Cinnamon is a good mom but sad to see her training and summer plans will be halted. The filly will be for sale and will be list on the prospects page. We will, however, keep the filly until she finds the perfect home and that may mean keeping her until she is trained. This is a huge commitment.

Update December 2018: Cinnamon has been sold to a dear from of ours. She and her owner are exploring trails and come over to ride with us frequently so we are still able to see Cinnamon.

Cinnamon's filly, Ginger, is growing in to a beautiful little mare.  

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