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2002 14.3 Hand Roan Appaloosa Mare - Freckles was a broodmare and purchased because we love Penny so much. We put Freckles to work and she is a rockstar! Freckles is kind, tough and very talented. She is perfect for the kids and has the ability to go far, even though she has a late, late start in her career!

We are going to breed Freckles in the spring of 2019 as we pursue the ultimate Sportaloosa.  Freckles has been confirmed in foal to Fijn, an RPSI stallion.  I cannot wait to see this foal in April 2020.

Freckles foaled a beautiful bay, Dutch Warmblood filly, Paisley. Freckles is looking for a new home.


2008 Sorrel Draft Cross gelding (Clydesdale/Quarter Horse). 


Zoomer is owned by my friend and due to life changes, has decided to let Zoomer go to home where he will be ridden and enjoyed. Zoomer is a blast and is well on his way to making a solid eventing partner.  

He is a big mover and is full of try.  This is a once in a lifetime horse.


2006, 17 hand spotted draft-cross. I personally consider Keystone to be my dream horse, both incredibly majestic and excellent in demeanor. Kind and trustworthy, he's a gentle giant that just gets up and goes - I can and have taken him on any terrain. He's been ridden dressage and cross-country but we are finding his talent is in the hunter ring. Check out his videos and pictures from 2015.  

Keystone is doing what he loves best: Jumping and showing with a gung-ho teen girl in Oregon. I'm so happy to get frequent updates about this guy and all of the ribbons he is winning with his girl. 

Joey 1.jpg

2008 15.2 Hand, Bay Hanovarian/Thoroughbred Gelding.

Class A 4 foot jumper. Sold to an amazing show home in Oregon.


2012 14.1+ Few Spot Appaloosa Mare - Mocha came to me from her breeder. She was just sitting and not being utilized so I took her on a sport horse prospect. Mocha is maturing and growing into a super FUN horse for trails, general pleasure riding, and jumping. She will be at some local and regional shows during the spring and summer 2017. Mocha continued to do showing, camping, 4-H, trails, and parades. This is a solid mare. 

Update: March 2020 - Mocha has been a valued member of our family but is not being ridden like she should. It's time for her to find her next person to go showing and out for adventures. This is sad for us. Mocha will always have a retirement home offer here.


2012 Sorrel Blanket with Spots, Appaloosa Mare. Dots is a fun horse. She has absolutely no crankiness to her with people or animals. She will go to the ends of the earth for her rider.  Dots has a solid foundation in the arena and really wants to drop her head and pack herself around.  She working on developing a collected lope/canter and a jog.  On the trails, Dots is the boss. She walks out at a comfortable pace and has handled some rough country with no trouble.


2010 Palomino Quarter Horse mare in foal to a black and white Gypsy Cob stallion for 2018 foal. Buttercup is the sweetest, most friendly mare in the world. She will come right up to you for attention anywhere! She was used in the mountains when she was younger and will let anyone climb all over her. Buttercup is a stunning mare with impeccable confirmation. I fell in love with her when I first saw her. 


Buttercup is leased to a partner for the 2019 breeding season. She may be bred back in 2020 to a draft stallion. Now in Oregon raising draft crosses for a guest ranch.



2011 14.1 Hand, Sorrel and white grade tobiano mare

Roo has been with us in training since March. This a cool mare and has some nice jumping talent!  She is kind, gentle and honest. She will make a nice all around horse and is absolutely game for anything.  


2015 Seal Brown Tobiano, Spotted Draft Cross Mare - This is one of the last foals from our favorite spotted draft stallion, Ernie.  Sage is one of my favorites. She is super friendly, beautifully put together, and so unique in her markings with that black leg. I have never found another tobiano with a solid colored leg. She looks like she is going to be close to 16 hands. This sweet mare will make a great all-around horse!


2016 Chestnut Spotted Draft Cross mare by Ernie and out of ranch mare.  Roxy is a leggy young mare and should mature to about 16 hands. She has the most sweet, kind temperament and is not a dominant mare at all. She is loaded with potential. Her 2 full siblings, Simon and Digger have turned out to be amazing packers and solid family horses.

Roxie has basic saddle training and is a cadillac.


2014 Bay Shire Cross Gelding - Fergus is a true gentle giant! He is over 17 hands and growing. This boy will get you noticed. He is solid on trails, has roping and cow experience, and a great foundation in the arena at walk, trot, canter. He was ridden in a 4th of July Celebration parade and was a total rock star! He is that special big horse that a lot of people are looking for.  Don't let him pass you by.  I owned him as a youngster and then he was sold to a friend who is also a well-respected trainer. I am posting him as courtesy. Please contact Henry Nabel for more information. 208-922-8245  Furgus is for sale to the right home but not being marketed.


2016 Buckskin Quarter Horse/Shire colt by Sudden and out of Vanilla. This colt is amazing and exactly what I was hoping for. I have waited years for this cross and here he is! Stunning, big buckskin and he will be an amazing gelding down the road. Smarty Marty is living up to his name and coming along so nicely! He saddles and does in hand trail.  He is kind and sensitive and will be a super star.

Sold to a wonderful home in Florida.


2015 Black Draft Cross Mare, should mature to 15.2 or more - Ebony is a lovely draft cross mare by Ernie. She is a solid mare with correct conformation and is a beautiful mover. She is friendly and easy to catch.  Ebony ran out until late this summer. We brought her in and put some time on her training. She is has been tied, hauled, trimmed, bathed and ponied on the desert.  She is used to flags. tarps, kids, and all kinds of commotion. She has also had some rides by a teen age girl and has a solid walk, trot, canter. 


2013 Spotted Draft Cross Gelding - Tuff is such a cute colt!  He was born on August 2, 2013, and so far has shown himself to be very sweet and inquisitive. Having been sired by Ernie, and with Gray Grace as his dam, we expect great things out of this guy. He is beautiful jet black colt and should be a big boy at maturity.  He is already as big as Merilegs and she is a year older! 

Tuff is going very well under saddle and has sound, consistent training since March 1. Check out his videos to watch his progress and see him in action! 


1999, 15.2 hand AQHA mare. Millie was my personal horse for years, providing endless hours of enjoyment on trail rides, out hunting, on camping trips, and at shows.  Absolutely cherished, and despite many ribbons won, her biggest achievements were undoubtedly the many kids she taught to ride. Many family albums have photos of her and the smiling daughters of friends and clients. Millie is still local to Nampa, enjoying life as a trusted husband horse. Her 2010 son, Willie, is still with me and is definitely a sport horse prospect.


2005, 17 hand Percheron/Paint Cross gelding. Frosty is an absolute gentle giant that always gave a tremendous effort in anything asked of him. He is currently living in Delaware, showing dressage and eventing.


2010 Leopard Spotted, Sorrel Appaloosa Mare 

Siska is a sweet mare. She has raised one foal so training was a bit behind horses of similar age. I actually looked at buying her for a friend but when my friend decided to wait on buying for a while, I purchased Siska. I thought she would make a fabulous little 4-H, jumper/eventer, trail horse. So far, I have been absolutely pleased with her temperament and try! I plan on showing Siska in the spring and summer of 2020. Pictures and video to be uploaded by Thanksgiving weekend.

I am only offering Siska for sale this winter because I had the opportunity to bring one of my "old" friends home and I am short on room. Price includes 30 days training.


2014 15.1 and growing Palomino Tobiano APHA Gelding - Rio is a registered gelding with the American Paint Horse Association.  I bought him as an unbroke prospect and spent a lot of time and effort helping him become a well-rounded horse.  We took Rio on our family trip to the Black Hills in South Dakota in August 2017. He far exceeded my expectations. He traveled well, and took every challenge in stride. Rio has been ridden in the fall of 2017 by a very accomplished teen. She took him to a schooling show and he was a star. He has recently been in reining training at Gable Stables and is coming along beautifully.


2013 Dun Grade Quarter Horse Mare - Cinnamon is a half sister to Butterscotch. We bought her sight-unseen as soon as her breeder gave us the opportunity. We have been very pleased with her since bringing her home in October 2016. She is calm, quiet, and the most kind horse around. She is going to be a great fit for our needs. We were going great guns with her until we discovered she was very UNEXPECTEDLY expecting! We got a red dun roan filly in April 2017. Check out her filly, Ginger!  


2009 Bay, unregistered Quarter Horse mare. Charro is from the older, thicker Quarter Horse lines but is unfortunately not registered. She dam of one of our favorites, Cinnamon. In fact, Charro was brought in from the guide ranch to be trained for a family horse because Cinnamon turned out to be such a nice horse. Charro is a good mare with a huge heart. She is ridden mostly by a 12 year old girl for jumping and trails. They will be hitting some of the spring shows. Stay tuned for more videos. Charro is a loyal, kind mare and will be a nice option for someone wanting to do some jumong, eventing and serious trails.


2012 14.1+/- Red Roan Sporthorse Mare - Strawberry is an absolute character and is into everything. She reminds me an over-grown yellow lab. She is a talented mare though with a big, loose trot, and super tight knees over the jumps. We hauled Strawberry to the Black Hills in South Dakota where she was a stellar trail horse for a our beginner rider. She was a trooper!Strawberry has been in training at Gable Stables to further her education as an eventing mount for youth and smaller adults. This is solid, well-traveled little mare. Please contact Heather Gable 208-602-1213 for additional information.

SOLD to a wonderful young lady! Watch for them in the jumper ring.


2011 Red Dun Grade Quarter Horse Mare - Ruthie has been a working ranch horse for the last 3 years. She opens gates, ropes, stands to hold a calf, spins, has a one-hand neck rein and has a nice long-trot. We have been adding to Ruthie's training as a jumper/eventer, and walk/trot youth mouth. Ruthie is doing awesome and is jumping around 2'6" with ease. She is still working on her canter transitions and holding a nice canter in the arena. She is a fast learner and will be ready for shows this spring. 

Sold to a family for pleasure riding and showing.


2009 Grade Cremello Quarter Horse Mare - Vanilla raised a beautiful buckskin Shire Sport Horse, Squirrel. I am wanting to cut back on breeding so I put Vanilla back to work. She is a young mare with a world of possibilities. She has been in formal training since June 1, 2016 and she is going great! Vanilla is a steady trail mount and has been ridden consistently by intermediate teen riders.

Sold to be used as a therapeutic riding horse!


2013 15 hand, Bay Roan, Morgan/Paint/Percheron/Canadian Draft Mare - We have hand selected Brumby for her smaller size and quiet, draft temperament for a family horse prospect. I started Brumby's formal training in June 2016. She is so easy to work with and is always in a good mood. There isn't a happier horse in the world! She loves trails and any adventure.

Check out her new video and pictures!


2008 Chestnut Registered Thoroughbred Gelding - Copper is a beautiful 16.2 hand gelding with a heart of gold.  I brought this sweet boy to Idaho as a summer project but fell head-over-heals in love with him. He is the most mellow, sweet, kind-hearted boy!  He came up from California in July 2015 after being out to pasture for a few years. In a month, he  is out jumping and getting ready for his first shows.  Check out his page for pictures and video.  Looking forward to seeing where he takes me! He is offered for sale to the perfect home only and we are in no rush. He has a world of potential.


2008 14.3 Sorrel Overo Pintaloosa Mare - Dreamer belongs to our friend and we have been riding her this spring. She is fun mare with a lot to offer. She is super smooth riding and comes with some good ranch experience. I have been exposing Dreamer to kids, arena work, jumping, walk/jog western riding, and our crazy, busy barn life. I will be updating her page regularly. 

Check out her video and pictures!


2012 black and white draft-cross filly, sired by Ernie, and out of Gray Grace. She should be a smaller draft-cross, maturing to about 15 hands, and thus far her demeanor is indicating a very sweet and kind horse. Merilegs was brought in from pasture for 3 weeks of training during the summer of 2014.  She was a rockstar and took to her training with no issues. She will absolutely do anything asked of her. She has been out showing and schooling during the fall 2015. Check out her pictures and video! We love and are so excited about her!! 



2012 15.2 hand, Spotted Draft Cross Gelding - minimal white tobiano with high white socks! Mr. T is just 3 this year and is still growing. Should mature to about 16 hands or more. He is a LOVELY mover and super correct over fences. He has only been free-jumped over about 3 foot a few times just show off how correct he is and he nailed it with scope and tight knees. He has been in training for March and April and has been working as a lesson horse! Has already been hauled around to local shows for schooling and is ready for the ring.




2012 approx 14.3 hand and growing, Sorrel and White Tobiano Mare. Registered American Paint Horse Association; APHA name is Sexy Kela T. The kids lovingly gave her the barn name: Sunshine. It fits her. She is so friendly and always seems happy. She's a doll! Pleasure horse prospect, family horse, trail horse! Sunshine is an all-around dream in the making!




2011 Shire Cross Gelding - Little Foot does not have little feet. He was named that because his larger brother, Denio was knick-named Big Foot. When Little Foot came along, it was just a given that he would get this name. Little Foot is a super star! We have used Little Foot for vaulting, packing 2 or 3 kids at a time, trail riding, lead line, and for friends. He goes English, Western, bareback and handles himself well for a big horse. He knows his leads and has a lovely English trot. He loads and hauls like a dream. Always kept current on shots, dewormer and farrier. Now in Seattle, Washington and loved by his new family!


2014 Spotted Draft Cross Mare - Magnolia - Born June 17, 2014. Chesnut/ White Pinto Filly Draft Cross. This flashy filly is out of a Thoroughbred Mare (by The Famous Seattle Slew) with a black and white draft Cross Stallion of Percheron/Clyde and Paint breeding - Ernie. She should be able to jump and make a great Eventing Or Ranch Horse prospect. She will have height and enough air to travel great distances. She is very gentle and willing.



2012 Spotted Draft Cross - Simon is a sweet guy!  You don't often get a colt this naturally calm, with such a strong affinity to people and trying new things. He is willing to do anything asked of him, and really enjoys playing with the tarps, crossing bridges and poles, and even loading into the trailer. Simon has big, thick bone structure and should easily mature to 16.2, like so many of his siblings sired by Ernie. He has enough draft for size but is still very athletic.  Simon is well on his way to being a solid, kind, gentle gelding that will truly be an outstanding all-around horse.​


Oreo is a 2008, 16+ hand black and white spotted draft-cross mare, sired by Ernie. She showed herself to be an incredibly trustworthy horse on the trails and over fences, and served as a magnificent family horse. I have taken her over just about every terrain, and she was better on the remote desert trail than just about any horse short of a mustang we've had. A member of our personal herd for several years, she is missed, and is with a wonderful owner.


2007 15.3 hand, Dun, Shire/Paint cross gelding. This sweet, big boy belongs to family. He is just with me so I can help him find his dream home. He was raised by family in California - in fact they bought his great-granddam in 1980!   He even has that sweet mare's striking dun coloring. Magnum is a good ranch boy with all kinds of experience from chasing cows to playing with the kids. Magnum will be in training for the spring jumper shows and event derbies. 



Reckless is a sweet young gelding. He is about 15.1 hands and absolutely the sweetest guy! He is my son's project, of course, with a lot of assistance from me. My son has been working with Reckless on the ground and some under saddle. I have been riding Reckless in the arena and out on trails. Reckless is a cool guy and so brave on the trails. He will go off by himself and just loves the adventure.




Henry has been used for riding and team driving, having pulled wagons, including on an extended wagon train trip. He has good conformation, great feet, and is good in herds. Henry has been outstanding on the trails, including with a fairly inexperienced rider. He's a brave horse and seems to like challenges, especially on the trail. Additionally, he's strong and stout - great for a guy or a larger rider.  Now a driving and packing horse in Oregon.


2012 14.3 Hand, Palomino Mare - Unknown breeding. We have absolutely struck gold with this mare! Tweety was spotted in an ad in very rural Idaho. We were looking for another kids' horse prospect.  I took one look at her kind eye and just knew I had to bring her home. I even offered to buy her sight unseen because I had a feeling I shouldn't let her go. We brought this sweet mare home in September 2014 and she has successfully walked right into our hearts. Sent to Clock Work Farms in Idaho Falls. They LOVE her and we MISS her!


2011 15.1 Hand, Red Dun Mare - Quarter Horse and just a little Thoroughbred. Bugsy came with Tweety Bird in September 2014. I fell in love with her long pretty lines and floaty gaits. She has a winning personality to go along with her elegance. She loves attention and is kind and gentle with the kids. She also hangs around in the yard and gets in the way when we are busy outside. We pony the kids around on her and I have started her under saddle.  She will be a bit taller, finishing around 15.2 hands. She has correct conformation! Now at Clock Work Farms in Idaho Falls.


2011 13.2 hand, Sorrel and White Paint Gelding. From registered paint stock but is not able to be registered. Brainy got his name from being smart and being short. He is a darling little guy with a huge heart. He learns so quickly! So far, he looks like a super kids' horse in the making. Not much bothers him! Sold to Clock Work Farm in Idaho Falls! He is already giving lessons and LOVING his kids!


Willie (Toy Jets Beau #5311816) is a 2010 registered AQHA, bay roan gelding. He is out of our favorite mare, Millie, and sired by Truckles Beau. Willie is living up to our expectations from this cross. He is tall, should mature to 16+ hands, and is very elegant. The roan gene does give Willie a unique coloring during certain seasons but during the late spring and summer, he is a classic blood bay. It only took a few days of Willie’s formal training to realize he would be like his sire and dam – intelligent and a very willing student.


Greta is a 2010, 15.2 hands Shire/Fjord cross, who is a genuinely special all-around horse. She is an intelligent, honest partner who excelled with every challenge we presented her. Greta is nearly bullet-proof with tarps and flags, and for her age, thus far she's showing herself to be excellent at eventing, trails, and packing, and she's even outstanding under harness, having been trained for team driving last fall. If we had to choose one horse to have had during the pioneer days, Greta would have been our girl. In a heartbeat. 



Sadie is a 2010, 15.2+ black draft-cross mare, sired by Ernie, and half-sister to Digger. We started her training this winter, and she has proven to be a stunningly beautiful mount. Her canter is absolutely gorgeous, and she is both kind and gentle. Sadie is a very elegant draft-cross, with a big, floaty trot that is also beautiful to watch. She will be tall and not too heavy, yet still have good bone.


Willow is a 2009, 14.2 hand Palomino Mustang/QH cross, who is absolutely a darling little mare.  She has correct conformation. Her mustang breeding has given her solid feet that have not needed shoes, and she has proven to be a great all-around horse, for Western, English, and trail riding.


George is very pretty young gelding, having begun his training in October 2012. George is quiet and sensible, and loves the tarp and flag. He is a ranch-raised colt and has proven game for anything new. He is a happy, willing horse that’s been exposed to a lot of different environments, he loves the variety, and is great on the trails.  He is currently with a family in Kuna, Idaho.


2007, 15.2 hand AQHA Palomino mare. Lucy is a fun horse. She's an absolute beauty on the outside and a Mac truck on the inside, especially when it comes to trails, and has an amazing work ethic. She loves to go in the lead, she's brave, and will walk right out, ears forward and enjoying new territory. Extreme trail riding is definitely in her future, should her new owners be interested, as she will go up and down anything with great dexterity and stability, and I have never had her balk at a single obstacle on the trail.  She's ponied other horses and has no problem with ropes all around and under her - one of her signature traits is actually being incredibly good with objects and situations that spook most horses. Click the button at right for more details...


2006, 16.2 hand black and white spotted draft-cross gelding. Retro is an interesting combination of Belgian and registered APHA – the result is a fairly athletic boy who absolutely gives his heart when asked. Retro is currently living in Wyoming, enjoying serious trail riding and some big jumps for fun.


2005, 17 hand Percheron/quarter horse mare. Velvet is a wonderful horse to work with, bringing a great deal of pleasure as she developed into a trusted family mount and show member.  Her demeanor and athleticism is currently assisting helping her riders gain confidence in beginner and novice events. She presently lives with her loving family in British Columbia.


2006, 15.2 hand spotted draft-cross mare, sired by Ernie. Picalilly is a fantastic horse on the trails. She never minds either leading the way or bringing up the rear, and she goes where she is pointed. She is currently living in Maine.


2008, 15.3 hand spotted draft cross mare, sired by Ernie. Cookie is a people horse, loving to be a part of anything and simply being with them, wherever she is and in any weather, trail, or show ring.  She simply has always wanted to get out and go.  Currently, Cookie is living in Eagle, Idaho.


2008, 14.2 hand draft-cross mare, sired by Ernie. Stevie is loving life as a fox hunter in the Reno, Nevada area. Her 65 year old owner loves her!


2006, 15.2 hand spotted draft-cross mare. Chalupa is a fearless trail horse, in addition to naturally preferring to go slow and take care of her rider. She is currently being ridden in Central Idaho on overnight camping trips.


2007, 15.2 hand Shire/Quarter Horse mare. Emmy is the rope horse in our bunch. A young cowboy bought her for her brains and big build, and although that build keeps her from being the fastest rope horse out there, she's sharp, safe, patient, and steady as a rock.


Denio is a big Shire gelding, who will be 3 in spring 2014 - he's already 16 hands or more, and is both gendle and very nice to handle. Denio has just started his formal training, and so far he’s been a star. No problems with sacking out, first saddling, or crossing the tarp. We'll continue his training as the weather allows, first under both Western and English saddle, and then driving. Additional training can be negotiated. See Greta's page, his half sister – she is out of a Fjord mare and the same Shire stallion. Greta was an absolute dream to start under saddle and training - she's currently a cherished family member and dressage/trail mount. We believe this big gelding will follow in his sister’s footsteps. He's showing that same kind, giving demeanor, with a bit of a sense of humor, which is a joy to work with.


Ellie is going to be a tall mare. Ernie often produces 16.2+ and Ellie should be one. She has been the tallest of all of the weanlings we've had, even taller than the boys. She is a medium build draft-cross and is very athletic. Dressage and eventing will be in her future. We started Ellie’s formal ground training in May and she is a star. She has no problem with tarps, bridges, flags, and trailer loading. She moves away from pressure and walks on a long line. We don’t lunge any of the youngsters, we only teach them the basics at the walk. Ellie loves people and has a very sweet temperament.


2010, 15 hand Fjord/Spotted Draft Cross mare, sired by Ernie. Zaboo was the sweetest filly, though, sadly, we lost her to colic in the spring of 2012. We still have her mom, Grey Grace, in foal, and her full sister, Merilegs.


2008, 15.2 hand Spotted Draft Cross gelding, sired by Ernie. Toby was amazing to watch grow into a fearless horse on the obstacle course, effortlessly crossing over tarps and bridges without the slightest flicker of hesitation. He is a fun trail horse, and working into a husband horse too. Toby currently lives in Eagle, Idaho.


2006, 14 hand Fjord/draft-cross mare. Pebbles was a fairly fearless trail horse and was excellent on the smaller jumps, with an especially sweet demeanor. Sold to a ranch owner in central Idaho.


This trailer is in like-new condition! It has been used so little that it has never even been licensed. This trailer still has the new trailer smell. It has a steal frame for safety and aluminum skin to reduce weight, drop-down feed windows, double rear doors, sliding windows on the tail side, brand new water tank, swing out saddle rack, and room in the front for a queen sized mattress. It is completely lockable so it is perfect for the shows. 

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