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Greta - 2010, 15.2 hands Shire/Fjord cross dun mare

Greta is a 2010, 15.2 hands Shire/Fjord cross, who is a genuinely special all-around horse.  She is an intelligent, honest partner who excelled with every challenge we presented her. Greta is nearly bullet-proof with tarps and flags, and for her age, thus far she's showing herself to be excellent at eventing, trails, and packing, and she's even outstanding under harness, having been trained for team driving last fall. If we had to choose one horse to have had during the pioneer days, Greta would have been our girl. In a heartbeat


What we particularly appreciate is that she's a willing partner - she wants to work, and always greeted us at the gate, almost looking forlorn when we didn't take her out while working another horse. Also, you must have a sense of humor to appreciate Greta, because she is a ham. Gate latches, knots in lead ropes, and unsecured tack are all fair game in Greta’s world, all with her very endearing personality. She’s a big mare but she can squeeze through the narrowest gap without a scratch. We would often just let her loose, and she would stick around the barn and yard, munching on grass, or peeking through windows. Little kids with their dogs, bikes, and kites are a delight to her. While we used Greta to carry smaller riders, she is still a young mare and does not yet have enough miles to be considered a kids’ horse, but we believe she will be great for kids in the future.

For quite awhile we seriously considered keeping her for our personal herd.  It seemed that every time we introduced her to a new challenge, she woiuld surprise us with something good - either the speed with which she picked it up, or her showing a natural gift for it, or even just with a particularly unique way she moves.  Probably one of the best we've ever had at her age, and we expect her to season into an irreplaceable horse over the next few years for her new owners.

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