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Mocha - 2012 Few Spot Appaloosa Mare, 14.1+ Hands

Mocha came to me from her breeder. Mocha was just sitting and not being utilized so I took her as a fun training prospect. Mocha is maturing and growing into a super FUN horse for trails, general pleasure riding, and jumping. She will be at some local and regional shows during the spring and summer 2017. I will be updating her page regularly. Mocha is currently schooling 2'3" courses and a few 2'6" jumps. I'm slowly building her confidence, strength, and eye for jumping and she is going to be solid. She is now doing some basic lateral work and has the cutest canter. I can see Mocha being an all around mount for trails, jumping, dressage, and even gaming. In June 2016, I took Mocha to an eye specialist because she is a few spot appaloosa and likely LPLP dominant. No signs of uveitis and she was trooper for the vet!


Update: July 2017 - Mocha has been schooling extreme trail courses, completed 3 jumper shows and a dressage show, schooled cross country with a teen rider, went in the 4th of July parade, and is now being ridden by my 9 year old son. She handles every challenge with a positive, willing attitude. I think she would try anything asked of her. She is currently high-point mid-jumper in the Been There, Jumped That series in Emmett, Idaho. She is solidly jumping 2'7" courses at the show. She navigated the extreme trail course at the Intermountain Versatility Ranch Association clinic. Mocha was solid and handled the 4th of July Parade in Notus, Idaho with flying colors. She had no problem with kids, sirens, and other horses. I even carried candy in a plastic grocery sack and she never batted an eye. Recently, my son has taken over riding her for the most part. I am amazed at how well she takes care of him. She safely carried him around the show ground at An Event Barn in Emmett, Idaho. She was not spooky, hot, or hard to handle in anyway. He rode her off by herself and in the busy warm-up ring. He is also riding her down the ditch bank and on trails and she is a nice packer. She is happy to follow behind and doesn't worry when he rides off. She also deals well with other horses pushing into her. I will be uploading video of all of the above as soon as possible.  Mocha is still for sale but we are in no hurry. She is becoming a big part of our family and will even be traveling to South Dakota in August for our family vacation.  

Update: September 2017 - This little mare keeps stepping up the bar. She was a packer for my son our trip to South Dakota. I could not have asked or a better mount. She led the group, followed behind, crossed all kinds of water, and went up and down some crazy rough country. Mocha also traveled 2000 miles like she was born to it, no issues in new places, ate and drank well on the trip. Recently, Mocha and her rider have qualified for the Working Ranch Horse Program.

My son says he would still sell her to the right home because he is wanting to save up for college. Please contact us for a price. Mocha is not actively for sale but I will try to update pictures and video when possible.  She has quite a fan club and get I requests from time to time.

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