All of a Sudden - 2017, Sooty Buckskin Shire Sport Horse Colt

2017 Shire Sport Horse colt - "Oliver" registration is pending, name is pending. We cannot determine his color yet as he was born buckskin but will likely darken to bay or black. He has a big splash of white on his face and four high white socks. He is oh-so-friendly and gong to be a show stopper. 

Dam: Buttercup is the sweetest, most friendly mare in the world. She will come right up to you for attention anywhere! She was used in the mountains when she was younger and will let anyone climb all over her. Buttercup is a stunning mare with impeccable confirmation. I fell in love with her when I first saw her. I cannot wait to see what she will produce from this cross. Buttercup is broke and was a nice riding horse but due to an injury, she is being used for a broodmare.


Sire: Sudden is a beautiful jet black Shire stallion. He has a winning disposition - even for an aged stallion, he is kind and gentle.  He absolutely loves people and attention. We do not own him but hope to so some day. We want to give him a chance at a productive life. For now, we are just happy that we have one of his foals on the way!


It looks like he is a buckskin and we are calling him Oliver. For sale for $6,500. 

"Sudden"  - reference sire

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