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IN A SUDDEN - 2016 Buckskin Shire/Quarter Horse Colt

This is a cross that I have been wanting for many years!    Registered Shire Sport Horse gelding! We are calling him Squirrel (until we come up with something better). I couldn't be happier with this foal! His a buckskin with 2 white socks behind. He has his sire's good bone and stunning good looks!


Sudden is a beautiful jet black shire stallion. He has a winning dispostion - even for an aged stallion, he is kind and gentle.  He absolutely loves people and attention. We do not own him but hope to so some day. We want to give him a chance at a productive life. For now, we are just happy that we have one of his foals on the way!


Vanilla is a grade cremello Quarter Horse mare. She is very pretty and correct. She was used as pack horse and mountain horse before being put into a broodmare band. .

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