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Curious George - 2010, 15.1 hands and growing, bay and white paint gelding

George is very pretty young gelding, having just started his training in October 2012, which has continued throughout this cold winter - he's coming along very well. George is quiet and sensible, and loves the tarp and flag.  He is a ranch-raised colt who has proven game for anything new. We brought him home last fall and started his training, bringing him along slowly. He is a happy, willing horse that’s been exposed to a lot of different environments, and he loves the variety. He’s excellent on the trails and is doing well ponying other horses. He's going to be a fun horse, and is certainly pretty enough to show - George is a lovely mover and will be extremely competitive in the open shows. He definitely moves pretty enough for dressage, and with his bold nature he’d probably be great at eventing. George has straight legs, correct conformation, and solid feet that have not yet even needed shoes. We suspect he's going to be a tall, elegant gelding, as he's currently 15.1 hands and growing.

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