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Suggest the Gold - 2008 Chestnut Thoroughbred Gelding

Please note: The pictures at the bottom of the page are the oldest. New photos are added to the top. I have included a photo from every stage since Copper came into my life. This is our journey. I will miss him when he sells but I will always be thankful for the joy he has brought me! Life kept me on the ground watching him most of the time but this big guy has given me strength when I needed it most! 


Cooper is a beautiful 16.2 hand gelding with a heart of gold.  I brought this sweet boy to Idaho as a summer project but fell head-over-heals in love with him. He is the most mellow, sweet, kind-hearted boy!  He came up from California in July 2015 after spending a 2 years living on a ranch but only being ridden a few times each year. It was the perfect way for him to transition from racing to an all-around mount. In a month, he  is out jumping and getting ready for his first shows.   Looking forward to seeing where he takes me!


August 2015: Currently being ridden by a teenage girls and they love him as much he loves them. I don't think there is anything he won't do for them.  They are taking his training very slowly and introducing him to eveything. He is jumping around 2 foot courses now and can easily go higher.  He has free jumped 4 feet with ease.  He is for sale but not quite ready for prime time.  He has a world of potential as an eventer but also, possibly, as a hunter. If you are interested, please contact me. I'm open to the perfect situation for him.


January 2016: Copper is coming along beautifully. I am back in the saddle and have been able to ride him 3 times! What a dream! He is such a sweet, mellow boy and so perfect for my personality. I like a horse that just cruises along and isn't goey or quick. That's Copper!  He is a happy boy with life. He even went on his first big ride in the Owyhees and handled it like a star. Didn't even mind the lone mustang stallion that came over the ridge!


Update March 2016: Copper has been in training at Gable Stables. He is being ridden by several different riders and is ready to go show this spring. I have been on him some too and he is really turning into a packer for me as I regain my confidence from being off for the last year.  I even got out on the desert for a cross country schooling ride. Copper looks cool and collected as he carefully packs me around. What a trooper and thank you Big Guy! Come watch him go.


Priced at $8,000


Boise Saddle and Jump Club, Idaho Horse Park Nampa, Idaho

May 5, 2016

Northwind Jumper Show, Nampa, Idaho

January 12, 2016

Schooling at Gable Stables, Caldwell, Idaho

October 20, 2015

First show! Wasatch Sporthorses Jumper Show

Eagle, Idaho -  August 2015

Fun in the Desert - Cross Country Schooling

March 2016

Boise Saddle and Jump Club Fall Festival

After 3 weeks off due to school - 1st place in 2'!

First Month with this sweet boy! What a star already!

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