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Charro - 2009 Bay Quarter Horse (unreg.) Mare, 15 Hands

Charro is a 9-year-old quarter horse mare. She is from registered stock but unfortunately her papers were never sent into AQHA. I have had 4 mares from this ranch and they have all be amazing. Charro is an absolute favorite of mine. She is currently being ridden by a 12-year-old girl on trails and jumping. They are getting ready for some of the spring jumper shows and doing great! Charro is honest and getting very steady around a 2’3” course. Charro is also schooled regularly by adults so her training is going to be solid. She has no buck and is a sensitive mare who always wants to please. On the trails, Charro is a trail blazer. She shows off her experience as a mountain horse. She walks out nicely and is not spooky. She is good about crossing obstacles. She is often used as lead horse for the younger ones who need help. Charro is only for sale to the perfect home. She is an easy mare to have around. Charro would be a great match for someone wanting an honest jumper, that can also do low level dressage, and is amazing on trails. She is a solid, kind mare with a big heart.

We took Charro to an extreme desensitizing clinic. She was unphased by all of the commotion that included tents, tarps, blow-up yard decorations, logs, barrels, and much more. Video is below of Charro's 2'3" jumper round, 4-H judging day, and the desensitizing clinic is posted below.


Charro has gone to a girls' riding school and is loving the attention!

Charro and her 12 year old rider

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