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Sage - 2015 Seal Brown Tobiano, Spotted Draft Cross Mare

This is one of the last foals from our favorite spotted draft stallion, Ernie.  Sage is one of my favorites. She is super friendly, beautifully put together, and so unique in her markings with that black leg. I have never found another tobiano with a solid colored leg. This sweet mare will make a great all-around horse!


Update March 2018: I sold Sage as a yearling to a wonderful family. Her owner is off to college now so Sage is looking for her next big adventure. I am honored and blessed to have Sage back in my barn to continue her training a be part of finding her new home! Please check back for updates. Sage is now a big mare and she is a gorgeous mover. She is going to make someone proud. Her trademark black leg is still just as unique as ever and makes her even more flashy. 




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