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Fjord Tuff - 2013, Black draft cross gelding

Tuff is such a cute colt!  He arrived into the world in August, and so far has shown himself to be very sweet and inquisitive. Having been sired by Ernie, and with Gray Grace as his dam, we expect great things out of this little guy.  Based off of our excellent successes with his siblings, including Sadie, Digger, Oreo, and others, we expect him to reach a good height, with a temperament and size that will allow him to be a great all-around riding horse, and possibly a fairly athletic one. His breeding is 1/4 Fjord, 1/4 Quarter Horse, and half spotted-draft from Ernie. Tuff is sweet and kind. He loads and hauls great and is taking to the basics with no trouble. Current on vaccinations and dewormer. Turned out on green pasture so he grow and mature with the other youngsters all summer. 


Update March 2016: Tuff has started his formal training and is taking to it like a dream. I love this guy! He is like riding a big, comfy Cadilac. Tuff is responsive and not lazy and appears to be an excellent packer prospect. He is obedient and kind, and his gaits are as smooth as glass. He is going to be a big solid boy and is about 15.2 hands now. He should mature to about 16 hands or more. I will be starting him over lower jumps and hitting the trails. I think he will be a good pony horse.


Update April 2016: Tuff spent the weekend at the Idaho Horse Expo in Nampa. He handled it with no trouble. Tuff is ready for any adventure! He was even ridden by a novice teen who absolutely loved Tuff. I had a hard time getting my horse back! See some of the pictures below. I will be working on a video very soon.


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