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Freckles - 2002, 14.3 hands, Red Roan Sportaloosa Mare

Freckles was a broodmare and purchased because we love Penny so much. We put Freckles to work and she is a rockstar! Freckles is kind, tough and very talented. She is perfect for the kids and has the ability to go far, even though she has a late, late start in her career!

We are going to breed Freckles in the spring of 2019 as we pursue the ultimate Sportaloosa. Stallion is finally decided upon: Fijn - a talented and quiet-mined RPSI stallion. Video is attached to this page. Freckles will be going to a few early shows. I'll post the video as soon as we can!  Foal may be for sale in the $6000 range at weaning.

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