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Sudden - 2001 Black with 4 white socks, Shire Stallion

Sudden Creek Moritz - "Sudden" is registered with the American Shire Horse Association. His foals out of non-Shire mares are eligible for the Shire Sport Horse Registry and those foals out of regisitered Shire mares are eligible for regular ASHA registry. Sudden is 18.1 hands and about 1800 pounds. He is a lovely mover and travels true in his front legs without paddling to the side. He has a quiet, kind dispostion and passes that along to his foals. He has been bred to Ariabian mares and throws beautiful sport horses. 


Here is Sudden's story: He belonged to a friend of ours since he was a weanling. Our friend was extremely ill so we spent a lot of time with Sudden over the last year, caring for him and even bred one mare to him - Vanilla. After the passing of his owner, we happily took Sudden.


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