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Keystone - 2006, 17 hand spotted draft-cross

2006, 17 hand spotted draft-cross. I personally consider Keystone to be my dream horse, both incredibly majestic and excellent in demeanor. Kind and trustworthy, he's a gentle giant that just gets up and goes - I can and have taken him on any terrain. Keystone is the perfect gentleman to handle, stands quietly, good with other horses, no crankiness what so ever, with many miles ponying colts, moving cows, and pleasure riding in the desert. He's been schooling dressage and cross-country, and has a solid 12-foot stride. I'm very much looking forward to serious competition with him in the Hunter ring. 


March 2015: Due to major life changes, I am not able to follow my dream with Keystone. He is offered for sale. This is my dream horse and a very sad day to make this decision but I need to let him go on to great things. He is only 9 this year and just hitting his stride. He is too beautiful physically and mentally to let him waste.


August 2015: Keystone has spent some time with a professional hunter/jumper trainer in June. She loved him and said he was a barn favorite. I then sent him to a dressage trainer who also loved him! She spent  a lot of time getting him light and rideable. She always commented on how he is always Mr. Willing. There isn't anything he won't try if just asked. Right now he is being ridden by a teenage girls of varying abilities. He works hard for them every day.  He jumps anything they point him at and is even starting his lead changes.  Keystone is out showing and going to lessons. He is doing great, loves to work for the girls, and is honest and reliable.


September 2015: Keystone's 15 year old rider has been piloting him around 2'6" - 2'9" courses and recently trotted a 3'3" vertical with ease.  This is a great pair and they are FUN to watch. I'm adding pictures every few days...check back for updated pictures and video!


We made it out for schooling at Gable Stables in Notus, Idaho, on October 17.  Check out his video below! You can watch him go around with Sianna - a 7 year, very accomplished young rider.  She guides him around cross rails to 3'3"!  She must feel like a fly on his back but he didn't miss a beat with her.  In Keystone's mind - humans are his boss, NO matter the size. I firmly believe the best thing I have ever done with Keystone is let him go to these young ladies for "training". Kendra is his main rider and she has done amazing things with him. The biggest lesson he has learned is that life is fun and we have learned that he will do anything for a pat on the neck. What a kind soul! While I appreciate the work he has done for me over the years, he has found his calling in life with these riders!


Update October 2016: Keystone is back with me. I am helping him find his forever home.

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